August 29, 2012
So, I’ll just say, luckily for the economy, some of that prestige has worn off. And I think that’s better all in all because the utility that someone with that kind of skill brings to the economy when they go to a place like Morgan is minimal—or even negative in the worst cases. Whereas if they go to a startup, they’re actually building the economy. They’re building GDP by affecting the most dynamic and growing segments of our economy. At Wall Street, they’re just moving money around.
June 10, 2009
February 25, 2009
Get ramen profitable. "Ramen profitable" means a startup makes just enough to pay the founders’ living expenses. It’s not rapid prototyping for business models (though it can be), but more a way of hacking the investment process. Once you cross over into ramen profitable, it completely changes your relationship with investors. It’s also great for morale.

I love this video, how quickly we take things for granted, you have to love the hedonic treadmill

January 3, 2009

Mr. President (You’re The Man) by Brother Ali

Amazing track on the new The Rope A Dope Brother Ali mix tape

October 19, 2008
October 8, 2008
September 29, 2008

"Still" Ad, the thought of a president who can’t use a computer is scary

September 26, 2008
September 18, 2008